Grace and Leavitt Tavern

G&L Fire Escape Tavern is a friendly neighborhood bar conveniently located in northeast Chicago.

Explore the full reaches of this great historic city, and then come have a drink to unwind with your friends down at G&L Fire Escape.

2157 West Grace Street

Chicago, IL 60622

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Daily Serving Over 70 Craft Beers, Classic Cocktails, Wine, Whiskeys, and Single Malts

Always casual, you will immediately feel welcomed at G&L. The laid-back, urban style encourages you to “come as you are” and relax among the locals. Our staff are ready to help you navigate the extensive beer list, finding you what you like best in the characteristics of any style of brew. Or maybe you’d prefer a cocktail, mixed to your specifics and served with a smile and a twist. There are also many wines, whiskeys and single malt scotches to appeal to any mood, always satisfying your deepest cravings.

So: What’ll y’have?

Events: Special Functions

G&L is proud to serve as your local place to have a party. Schedule your special events here, and you can take advantage of the warmth and service to provide your guests with an unrivaled Chicago evening.

Specials: Daily Drinks for Less

G&L is happy to extend daily drink specials to keep you entertained and well-oiled. Whether you like reduced prices on shots or are looking for a craft beer deal, we are ready to answer.

Fundraising: Community Involved

G&L takes pride in the community that we serve, and we are happy to give back into its continued growth. We actively participate in fundraising projects that benefit our community, so we encourage you to bring your ideas here.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 2pm-2am
Friday & Sunday:  11am-2am
Saturday: 11am-3am



2157 West Grace Street

Chicago, IL 60622

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